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Cake batter is a fickle thing...

Remember last week when I was knee deep in sunflower cookies and I was wishing for a cake to make?  Yeah...

So I have two cakes this week.  A two tiered sweet 16 cake in neon colors with animal print and a one layer gold and white confirmation cake.  Easy right?  I can do this in my sleep right?

The clients both requested white cake with buttercream filling.  Easiest cake ever.   Or so I thought.

When I made the fondant, my marshmallow fondant, which I've made so many times I can do it with my eyes closed, it wouldn't come together.  What the heck?  Same brand ingredients.  Same utensils. Same method.  Not the same result.  Luckily I made it again and it worked.  With the same ingredients.  Same utensils.  Same Method.  Go figure!!!

So then I got to the cake baking.  This white cake recipe is the recipe I have made dozens, and I mean dozens, of times.  I have made little cakes, big cakes, and cupcakes with this recipe.  And all of my cakes were sinking in the middle.  Now I know what you are going to say...  Old ingredients, too much of this, or not enough of that...  I always buy ingredients fresh.  Like anything lasts very long in this house between the bakery and my kids and hubby.  My problem is not old ingredients, it's making sure I always have them in stock, with constant runs to the stores.  Yes I said stores, because I have more than one store to go to to get the brands I use.  Like I said, same ingredients.... And too much or not enough?  Didn't happen.  Especially since I made 5 batches of cake batter to make the first round of cakes.  I might mess up once, but this lady is too OCD to mess it up 5 times.  If you don't believe me ask my sister Jess.

So after a meltdown, and some crying, and a pep talk from the hubby, I started again.  Much to my hubby's delight (he now has 2 - 8 inch, 2 - 10 inch, and 2 - 10 inch square cakes to happily scarf down). And with the same ingredients, same utensils, and same method, I re-baked.  And they came out perfect.  Again, just like the fondant.

So what is the moral of this story kids?  Cake batter, fondant, and royal icing for that matter, are fickle mistresses, but I cannot live without them!  And neither can you, just admit it :)



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