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Different cakes for different folks...

So If you remember my post about the cake batter and fondant fiasco, you'll be glad to know that everything turned out perfect in the end! (Doing my happy dance on the inside...)

It was a rough week.  Having to bake everything twice, and also having to make the fondant twice, had me a little stressed.  Not to mention that as I was on the verge of a nervous break down, the hubby was shaking his head up and down, saying everything is fine, all the while stuffing his face happily with the cake that sunk, and grinning from ear to ear.  I think he loves my dessert fiascos (for obvious edible reasons) more than  Sheldon Cooper loves Spock, but I digress.

The sweet 16 cake was so much fun and really renewed my love for animal prints, which are still going strong.  And thank goodness because I just came up with a new technique, at least a new one for me, to make leopard print which is super easy!!  I plan on posting about the technique as soon as I can. Thank you Niki for the neon request, these bright, bold colors kept my kitchen so colorful and happy :)

The Confirmation cake was a perfect project for me to tackle this week because 1) I have an unhealthy fear and phobia of white fondant and all of the things that can go wrong with it getting smudged and showing every. little. thing. and 2) I have really been wanting to play with quilting and this was the perfect opportunity.  When Angie gave me creative license on the cake, I immediately thought of this technique to try.  And I loved it so much I am thinking of using fondant, instead of royal icing, on a set of white cookies this week so I can do it again.

So, all well that ends well, I guess. Have a great weekend!


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