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My Mom... is hilarious

My mother is moving back to Texas!!!  She has been living for the past several years in Alabama, but she is finally coming home!  She made the decision about 9 months ago and has been splitting her time between here and Texas.  I had hoped she would be here for Mother's Day, but she is still in Alabama.   So I decided to make her some cookies and send them to her, along with some other goodies from me and my sis Jess.  She's been a little down, being away from us, and wanting to hurry to get here, so I thought that a beach theme would be perfect!


My mom, my younger sister Jess, and I have always been extremely close.  And since my mom had me at a young age, we kind of raised each other.  Actually sometimes I think we still are raising each other.  We are all more like sisters, than mother and daughter, and it has made us all need each other so much more.  I can't even tell you how hard it is for my sis and I to be away from her.   All of our best times, and funniest memories, are together.  I have never laughed so hard in my life, like I do with these two women.

Mom received the package today, and when I returned her call she answered the phone with "You did not make these cookies!"  To which I replied, "No, I really did mom."  this went on for a couple of rounds and then we both laughed.  Having my mom as a cheerleader in my corner, rooting me on through all of this makes the journey so much more memorable!

The best part?  Not one cookie broke!  And I'm talking 20+ cookies, shipped with other goodies, in a box, snail mail, to Alabama.  I have to thank Callye at for her hints on shipping cookies.  Her post on what works for her, most of the time, was a life saver.  Thanks Callye!!!

 Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!  I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled day in Alabama, and next year we will make up for all the missed Mother's Days!  And Jessi, Happy Mother's Day to you too! I Love You both!


  1. 'Smiles..... puts down her cookie....takes a sip of her hot tea, and wipes away the tear....' "Jen, these are truly the most adorable cookies I have ever seen in my life.. It took me about a hour of gazing at them to finally make up my mind to actually eat one. Of course they are as delicious as they look... I'm truly not surprised because you have always done to perfection any task that you have taken on. Of course the decision has been made to take one of each design and carefully wrap it back up and place them all in a box which will be marked with your name and the date of they were received to be placed in my deep freeze... Like any proud mother, they will be kept and taken out for a moment just to look at and smile and of course for bragging rights when a friend drops by... (giggle)... right along with all of the colorful pictures you brought home from school and your lovely homemade cards... Some things in life never change.. You and Jess are my blessings and you amaze me always. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My gift was more precious to me than diamonds or pearls.. and more delicious.. (smile).. I love you baby girls... Mom

  2. So sweet Darci! Your girls are precious! What a lovely testament from your daughters to you! Brought tears to my eyes! How awesome that you and your daughters share such a wonderful bond and have such a close relationship! Such a blessing to you! Your daughter does amazing work! Those cookies are too pretty to eat! I would have to eat a few though to calm my sweet tooth! She does such beautiful work and I bet she really enjoys it. Very professional. Happy Mother's day to you and your daughters. Wishing you all a day filled with blessings and memories! Love you all! Allie B.


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