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Favorite Cakes of 2014

2014 was a crazy year for me over here at Sugar Cubed Bakery.  I technically "started" the bakery in 2013, so I had a registered bakery name and got my food handler's license, but I didn't start getting the home bakery out to the public until early 2014.  I needed that year to sort of get my bearings, get comfortable with my work and techniques, figure out what to charge, and how to manage my time etc.  I didn't want to rush into taking a bunch of orders and get overwhelmed. So after a year of "growing", I started the website, along with social media, and never looked back.

So when I decided to do a "Favorites of 2014", I was surprised that all of these cakes were in 2014. It feels like ALOT longer than a year ago or less that I made them.  So much has happened since then.

And yes I know it is almost April and everyone else's BEST of 2014s were put out in January...  I'm still catching up people! lol  Just be happy I'm blogging again :)

Audrey's Sweet 16
May 2014

This cake was done for my sis' best friend Nikki's daughter. I'd never been completely happy with the different methods of how leopard print can be done in fondant, so it was fun to come up with my own version, and to breathe some new life into producing animal prints in fondant, which has been done and done.

Callie's Graduation cake
June 2014

This is still my favorite "inspiration" cake I have ever made. When I say inspiration, I mean that the client only said to me,  here is the the theme and colors, or here is the person's favorite things, what they like, etc and I just get to come up with my own design and just be inspired by the event or the recipient of the cake. I love making all of my cakes, even the one where a client says, "here's a picture, I want it exactly like this".  Those are challenging in a different way because I get to see if I can recreate a gorgeous design by another baker that I look up to and admire.  But the "inspiration" cakes are so much fun!  There's no limit to where my ideas take me, and I really love to come up with something that has never been seen before, that is truly "one-of-a-kind".

Pamela's Baby Shower cake
September 2014

This cake was done for one of my amazing and loyal customers, Pamela.  I adore her and her family and just get so excited any time I get a call or text from her for a cake. She's the most amazing client, truly supportive, easy to understand, and just fun to work with. This cake was for her baby shower last year, and it was really fun to be challenged by creating realistic looking baby feet and legs out of cake and fondant. She loved it and I can't wait to make the baby boy's first birthday cake this September!!

Miss Kinsley's First Birthday
October 2014

This cake was for a first birthday. When I received the picture of the cake and smash cake, I thought it would be fun and super cute to recreate the big cake exactly in a smaller version for the smash and luckily my client was open to it.   I loved the idea she had about making lollipop cookies that looked like lollipops!  The bright colors are just so happy!  It turned out even better than I hoped, and is still one of my favorite cakes ever!!

Circus themed Baby Shower cake
October 2014

This baby shower cake was done for my friend Melissa's co-worker. I really loved the color scheme and I still have a soft spot for this baby elephant. I just want to give him a hug :). When I arrived at her work place and asked what made them decide on a circus theme, I was told that the father of the mother-to-be was involved in the Shriner Circus and after he passed, she'd decided to decorate the baby's nursery with his circus memorabilia. It's such a sweet way to honor her father, 
and make it so personal.  I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!

TMNT Birthday Cake
November 2014

This cake was ordered by my friend Cheryl for her niece.  When she sent me the picture, it had a watermark of the original creator. Rarely do I get to know where a "recreated" cake picture comes from.  So I contacted the original designer/baker of the cake, You've Been Cupcaked, and asked permission to use her design. I think it's important to respect and support each other as bakers and small business women and she was very sweet and totally supportive of me recreating the cake.  I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to recreate her amazing design, and this is still to date one of the toughest cakes I've done.

First Birthday Cake
November 2014

This cake and smash cake was ordered by my friend Kari for her granddaughter's first birthday.  I had not been lucky enough to do a Pooh cake yet, and with my whole family being big Disney fans, I was super excited about it.  The HUNNY jars were inspired from pictures, but the POOH tier was all the client's idea, with a red band around the yellow cake that said POOH.  I thought turning it into the shirt would make it even cuter, and luckily she agreed!  Next up hopefully I''ll get to do a T-I-double-Gr-RRR cake!! :)

I hope you enjoyed my BEST OF 2014 CAKES as much as I did making them.  I'm already looking forward to my BEST OF 2015 and there are so many favorites already this year, my post may be a book!!!!

Happy Baking,


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