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A wedding to remember...

One of my best friends, Sarah, got married this past December.  I was lucky enough to get to do all of her cakes and desserts for the reception and gift bags. It was the biggest order I've ever done, and it was so amazing and wonderful to get to be a part of Sarah and Jeffs' special day.

My frIend, Ashley Rutland, who owns Ashley Rutland Photography, did the photos for the wedding.  She is an amazing photographer in the DFW area and if you're around here you should really check her out!

Ashley had a friend of hers, a blogger named Kim, do a write up of the wedding.  Kim's an amazing mom, wife, and blogger, and you can read her blog here at:

I wanted to share her write up with you.  It really encompasses the atmosphere and feeling of the wedding, and Sarah and Jeff as well!!

Winter weddings always seem to capture a certain type of elegance that can only be enhanced by the magic of the season. High School sweethearts, Sarah and Jeff, took this magic and simplistic elegance and transformed it into something that truly made their wedding nothing short of a fairy tale.
The holiday season always makes me nostalgic. It embraces tradition, family, friends and love into this special festive time of year. How appropriate that Sarah and Jeff decided to choose their December 14th wedding date as their day truly captured the love that is felt between lovers, family, and friends.  The intimacy felt among the wedding guests enhanced the love and excitement of the event at the Stonegate Mansion in Fort Worth.  I was blown away by the beauty of their venue: not only did it foster that atmosphere of intimacy, but its elegance enhanced the details so carefully chosen by the couple.  Its years and years of history made it a unique but perfect choice for their wedding.
The personal and intimate aspects of the day didn’t stop with the venue.  The ceremony incorporated carefully selected  details: from a hilarious family friend officiating the ceremony, to the sweet details in their vows, and their processional to Florence and the Machine. The guests enjoyed every moment, and I did too!

At the reception, the intimacy of the day’s preparations took on new form as beloved friends were able to showcase their talents.  Sarah’s best friend Jennifer, a talented baker, made not one, but seven individual cakes to celebrate the occasion.  Jennifer’s son was the MC and kept the guests entertained all night long. Reata catered in a fantastic dinner, which everyone declared to be one of the best they had ever eaten.  Sarah and Jeff treated their guests to even more of Jennifer’s delicious baking, giving all of them individual chevron cookies and wine glasses as favors.  It was the perfect sweet treat to top off the night!

Drinks, dancing, and well wishes for a happily ever after were showered with a sparkler finale exit, as the happy couple made their way to their limousine (which subsequently took them straight to Whataburger for a late night snack!).  It was a magical day and a fantastic evening that perfectly captured the happy, laid back couple.

Jeff and Sarah, thank you for allowing me to capture your memories! May you always be surrounded by friends, may your memories continue to be sweet, and may the magic of your wedding day follow you forever!

Congratulations Sarah and Jeff, on your first 6 months of marriage, and if your life together is as half as fun and unique as your wedding and reception, you guys are going to have one heck of a time! I can't wait to watch it all!!  I love you both!!

Happy baking,


  1. Oh wow, what great wedding memories! I am so pleased to see these wedding pictures. Well, my sister is also going to get married at some outdoor Seattle venues and we are so busy these days in the wedding arrangements. I hope she will have a dream wedding ceremony!!


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