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Pricing & Things to Think About For a Quote

If you're interested in a quote from the bakery, please send an email to 
and we will respond as soon as possible. Our busiest production days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so if you email during the end of the week, it may take longer for us to respond. But all emails should be answered within 24 hours.
Please give me a contact phone number for you and if messaging through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter please provide your email address. Bookings are usually at least a 2 months in advance, but sometimes, depending on how busy I am, I can take smaller orders, so don't be afraid to ask.

Some things to keep in mind when asking for a quote:
What kind of cake/cookies/cupcakes/cake pops/oreos do you want? 
We are a fully custom bakery, and I am a very visual person so if you have inspiration pictures please feel free to share as a starting off point. If you have just colors, theme, must haves, etc. I can also sketch up some ideas for you.
How many servings do you need?
What flavors or fillings would you like?
Flavor Selections link is on the home page of this website
Would you like your item(s) delivered or would you want to pick up?
We are in South Fort Worth just north of Crowley and Burleson off of I-35W. Delivery pricing depends on size of order, location, and complexity of set up.
What date and time would you need the item(s) to be ready for pick up or delivery?
If ordering cookies, would you like them individually bagged and ribbon tied or labeled with a custom tag or would you like them boxed? If you would like a personal tag what would you like it to say?

Buttercream cakes start at $3 a serving and can go up depending on the cake flavor and fillings.
Decorated Buttercream cakes start at $4 a serving and can go up depending on the cake flavor and fillings. This includes piping edges and writing, and extra decor will be an extra charge based on the complexity of the design.
Fondant cakes start at $5 a serving and can go up depending on the cake flavor and fillings. This includes basic decor such as stripes, polka dots, basic lettering, and zebra, etc. Fondant/gumpaste decorations, in addition to basic decor that is included, are done on a quote by quote basis, since every cake is custom created and can greatly vary. Our fondant is a made from scratch, marshmallow fondant.
Pricing will go up for multiple tiered cakes, and requests for multiple cake flavors on a multi tiered cake.
Custom decorated cookies start at $3.50 a cookie and up depending on the size and complexity of each cookie and how you would like them packed or labeled. A minimum of 12 cookies must be ordered and the increments go up by half dozen, so 12, 18, 24, 30 etc. Individually bagged and labeled cookies start at $3.50 each.
Sugar drops are smaller cookies in basic shapes, such as stars, circles, hearts, etc that are about one inch in diameter and iced in one color of your choice and can add dimension and creativity to your set of cookies. They start at $2 each and go up depending on added sprinkles/airbrushing.
Paint Your Own Cookies start at $6.50 each. This includes the edible colors, design of your choice, paint brush, directions, and a custom tag to match your special event!
Drop cookies start at $15 a dozen and a minimum of 2 dozen per flavor.
Cupcakes start at $3.50 a cupcake and up depending on the size of the cupcake, regular or jumbo, and the flavor, fillings, and frosting. A minimum of 12 is required for order and go up in intervals of 6.
Cake pops start at $3.50 for a basic vanilla or chocolate cake flavor with a candy melt coating. Additional decor and some flavors are extra, and quoted individually, depending on design. A minimum of 12 is required for order and go up in increments of 6.
Chocolate covered Oreos start at $2.50 each with a color coating of your choice with a basic decor or airbrush on top. Price goes up depending on complexity of decor topper. A minimum of 12 is required for order and go up in increments of 6.
Cookie cakes start at $50 for a 12 inch. That includes basic buttercream decor.
If you are interested in a cake tasting, we can do a 3 flavor tasting for $50 and a 5 flavor tasting for $75. For decorated cut out cookie tastings, we can do 3 round cookies with a white icing base for $5. We can do this for any of our decorated cut out cookie flavors. If your order is a $300 or more order, it will go towards you final order. The tasting charge is a separate charge for orders under $300.
Delivery and set up is available and delivery/set up charge is based on the size of the order, the location of the delivery, and the complexity of the set up.
If required, a deposit can be paid by credit card, or paid through PayPal. If a deposit is required, it must be paid in order to secure your spot on the schedule.
We are a full custom bakery. Each order is custom built based on your preferences, needs, and budget. No job is too big or too small, so please contact us if you are interested! I look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer Murillo, Owner

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